Michael King – Founder of The Pilates Institute/MK Pilates/MK Studios

Mara is a great teacher


KB of Bath
A good Pilates teacher is like a good hairdresser – you don’t want to change them for anything. And Mara is that teacher.

K.B. – Leisure Club, Royal Crescent Hotel, Bath
Mara is fantastic!

Sue Coles, Bath
Have you got back pain? I had until I met Mara Pilates teacher. I love Pilates exercises now I am pain free. The classes are fun, stimulating and I have gone down a clothes size. What more could you want? Mara has encouraged me to fitness in her gentle professional way. Out of the four Pilates teachers I have tried in Bath she is the best by far. So what are you waiting for, contact her.

Helen Green – RGN SCM (Nurse and Midwife)
Mara offers expert tuition in a relaxed and encouraging environment. After years of back pain, to have none has changed my life beyond belief.

Thanks Mara.

Thank you so much for all  your help and support, the classes have been really lovely and it’s been really nice to learn in such a positive environment.  I am sending you some wedding pictures where my posture and stomach are definitely a credit to your teaching!

Lucy Horn
I have done a Pilates course before that nearly put me off for life!
Now I’m back and have learnt easily and very happily as you have an extremely uncomplicated way of teaching. I feel I have personally improved which is a fab. achievement for a very busy Mum of 2.

I can’t wait for the new course.  Thank you.

Jeanette, Bath
‘I have a medically diagnosed problem in my neck and lower back, and I had been seeing a chiropractor every 6 weeks for 9 years to alleviate the pain and to keep me active. Since starting a Pilates class with Mara 3 years ago, the improvement in my spine has been amazing. So much so that I no longer attend the chiropractic surgery and haven’t done so for 18 months. So many people come along to Pilates expecting a quick fix, all I would say is persevere, stick with it and you will see the benefits.’

Mara, very many thanks for your excellent tuition over the past 3 years. As I am moving away, I’ll just have to try a few Pilates classes once I’ve moved, at least now I know how it should be taught, (you’ve set a high standard). Thanks once again Mara.

Christine Budd
I have exercised to some degree all my life but as I got older I found it difficult to keep up with younger people and this was not good for my self-esteem! My recovery after the aerobics class was slower and I just did not enjoy it.

I developed lower back problems and had injection to relieve the pain. At no time did any of the doctors I consulted suggest that this could be relieved with strengthening my stomach muscles and I would not have believed them if they had! But a physiotherapist did and I am eternally grateful to her. I had no idea that my pain could be relieved by doing some exercises to strengthen my stomach and torso.

The improvement in my shape, posture and general strength has been remarkable.

I can thoroughly recommend the class. Doing the exercises at home does not work for me – it’s easy to cheat and hurry them – but in the company of others, and with Mara watching, it concentrates the mind!

NAC – Occupational Health and Safety Advisor, Bath
As a DSE specialist I am always looking for ways to encourage office workers to think about their posture and to break away from their desks. Mara’s classes provide an opportunity to do both and they are fun as well. A balance of physical activity, stretching and relaxation aimed at improving posture and core strength as well as providing a welcome break. Just what the DSE Assessor recommends.

We have had a lot of positive feed back from the classes, confirming what is already pretty obvious from the smiling faces that the class members enjoy the classes. Many are experiencing health benefits including a reduction in aches and pains after a hard day at the office, some even go so far as to say they feel “brighter & more alert” after a class.

I would definitely recommend these classes to anyone who spends time at the keyboard, manning a desk or phone. They get the kinks out of your back and help restore your sense of humour, whether or not they make you brighter I couldn’t say.

Celia M, Bath
Tonight, the pilates class with Mara stretched me out, woke me up (gently) and gave me back the evening I would otherwise have spent feeling exhausted.

Now that I have been doing pilates for a year, I feel more sprightly, more aware of my breathing and I can even see evidence of some stomach muscles. I always look forward to the class because it’s not a stressful effort like aerobics, but rather a chance to regain my physical equilibrium and also to relax.

Mara is that rare combination of fun, enthusiasm and yet great wisdom – a really super teacher.

Thoroughly enjoyed this beginner’s course and have renewed for the next course.

There are different levels of beginners in this course and Mara is able to conduct all levels of ability without a problem and without you feeling like the ‘new-girl’. She understands that many people have problems as they age or have a weakness and adapts the exercise to suit all.

I have benefited and felt the difference since returning to Pilates after a gap of some years due to an accident and have not only enjoyed the class and strengthened my physique but have also met some very nice new people.

I look forward to the future with Pilates.

Jo, Bath
I have really enjoyed the course and feel it has helped my back strengthen. If you have enjoyed Yoga in the past but want something a little more demanding then this class is it!

Helena, Corsham
Five months after the birth of my youngest son, I was looking for a gentle but effective form of exercise and stumbled across Mara Kirk-Reynolds’ Pilates classes. Having tried various forms of exercise in the past, I was immediately impressed with Mara’s approach. It is obvious that Mara has extensive knowledge in both anatomy and Pilates techniques and she takes great care in assuring a “bodily safe” and healthy Pilates class. Mara’s instructions are clear and easy to follow even if you are a beginner. By demonstrating all levels of difficulty, encouraging us to choose the level that suits us best, she enables everyone to work at their own level of fitness and abilities.

I have been doing Pilates with Mara for nine months now and thoroughly enjoy it. Pilates has clearly helped my flexibility and strength, as well as my breathing and posture. I would gladly recommend Mara’s classes to anyone interested in improving their health and fitness.

Adding to that, Mara’s bubbly personality and sense of humour make her classes something to look forward to every week. Mara really is an inspiring teacher. I would like to thank you for spreading smiles and laughter all around.


Dear Mara, Well I think you are a VERY good Pilates teacher, just the right approach.

Keep it up and thanks.

Dawn, Bath
Pilates has improved my posture.

Jenny, Bath
“I had been ill for some years with ME. My GP suggested Pilates could help me regain my strength, so when a convenient class came up I started to attend. I have now done 3 months of weekly classes and have noticed a significant improvement in my posture, muscle strength and breathing.”

JSE, Corsham
My physiotherapist recommended that I do Pilates to help my back, which had been uncomfortable for some time. I started Mara’s Pilates class about three years ago and since then I have not had any back or shoulder pain and have got back to the suppleness I had when I used to do yoga. Mara’s classes are fun and everyone is able to work at their own level, so in our classes complete beginners are able to work alongside people who have been practising for some time. Even if I am feeling tired out I go because I know that at the end of the session I shall feel much better -invigorated and refreshed!

KH. Bath
Thanks to you I am ending the year feeling so much fitter, and empowered to continue my road to better health – it’s the best (Christmas) present for me.

B.G. – Leisure Club, Royal Crescent Hotel, Bath
The new Pilates classes are super and hope that it will be possible for Mara to continue after the initial course.

L.B. – Leisure Club, Royal Crescent Hotel, Bath
Finally, I attended the Pilates class yesterday for the first time, and very much enjoyed it. I liked Mara and have made sure to block the time in my diary for coming weeks.


Peter Holman
Dear Mara,
Your course is excellent; very professional and good-humoured.
Thank you very much indeed.
Yours sincerely
Peter Holman

J.W. Bath
I am so pleased to have discovered Pilates with Mara Kirk-Reynolds – it has made such a difference to my general well-being and core-strength.

Paul V.
The weekly Intermediates course is excellent, 1 hour at a convenient time and place. It offers the chance to forget about the day and be instructed in exercise and relaxation.

Dear Mara,
I just wanted to drop you a line to say how much I have enjoyed the last few weeks doing the course. I’m looking forward to starting the intermediate course next week.

Jeremy M, Bath
Pilates was a very different form of exercise for me and to be honest I was a little sceptical – but having been recommended to try it by an excellent physio I was determined to give it a go. My persistent upper back pain was not cured by the introductory session but after four or five weeks the pain had actually gone and I was beginning to feel other benefits of intelligently directed exercise – I really did feel stronger, the aches and pains were going, mobility was improved and I felt generally fitter.

About a year after my first lesson I still always look forward to Pilates, which is not true of most of the other exercise regimes I have suffered in the past. Mara introduces new exercises and varies the ones we already know so that no two weeks are the same. Mara is very sensitive to individual needs and is the consummate professional; always encouraging, unfailingly cheerful and enthusiastic and the classes themselves provide just the right level of challenge. Highly recommended!

James, Bath
People have been telling me I look taller since I have been going to Pilates, which is good, so I’d better start again before I shrink too much.

B. Hands, Bath
I was recommended to Pilates by my physiotherapist, who had been treating me for a chronic lower back problem. That was over a year ago, and I’ve not been back to the physio since!

After the first few sessions of Pilates with Mara, I began to notice that I had become more aware of my posture. I was thinking about how I was walking, sitting, standing and lifting – things that we do in everyday life, but don’t actually pay much attention to. This, of course, became a virtuous circle, and as time went on, my usual “aches and pains” associated with a bad back disappeared. As they disappeared, I became able to take the Pilates exercises further, and so became stronger and able to do more.

Mara’s lessons have made a true and significant difference to the quality of my life. Physically I feel a lot healthier and psychologically it is great not to be dragged down by a constantly “niggling” back.

Mara is a tenacious and motivational teacher and I would highly recommend her classes to anyone of any fitness level.


Pregnant and Post-Natal women are welcome in Mara’s Pilates classes in Bath.  Please note that Mara no longer teaches specialist Post-Natal classes, but is happy to incorporate Post-Natal women into her Drop-In class, where she can adapt any movements for them as necessary.  

Any Post-Natal feedback below is from participants from her previous specialist classes.

PR – Women’s Health Physiotherapist – Post-Natal Pilates 
Mara is a well-qualified and skilled Pilates teacher and her experience shows in the way she is able to adapt exercises for the individual and encourage them to progress according to their ability in a small class setting. I am happy to recommend her classes to my patients as an appropriate, enjoyable and safe way to progress their fitness.

Dr Shaana van Aardenne – Dr of Chiropractic – Post-Natal Pilates
I came across your advert and website while doing some research for a few of my patients. I am a local Chiropractor (The Family Chiropractic Centre, Bradford on Avon) that specialises in pregnancy and paediatric care.

I will admit I was relieved when I found your website! Having a great understanding of the human body and the anatomy and support system of the pelvis, and understanding the stresses of birth, I am always stressing the utmost importance of strengthening the core after labour. This is the most crucial time for a new mother to work on rehabilitation and strengthening this area. With the vulnerability of the integrity of the pelvis from labour/ caesareans and then the manual load from lifting, carrying etc., I’m seeing more and more women becoming a potential for back trouble as their spinal support weakens (if not immediately, but further down the road). I am a strong supporter of Pilates and hence my joy when I came across your details.

I am very concerned that new mothers need to be made aware of the importance of good post-natal care. With pregnancy and paediatrics my area of interest and the increased lack of support for mothers out there, I’m working to create a support net for all new mothers.

Having visited and watched you teach your Post-Natal class I was delighted to find that your classes are pitched at just the right level for Post-Natal Women. The benefits of training the core-strength gained in these Pilates classes can result in substantially aiding towards women’s recovery from the effects of pregnancy and childbirth.

Micky Hoyle – Pilates during Pregnancy
I’ve really enjoyed the last set of classes and they have really helped me with my posture and back during my pregnancy.

I look forward to the next 10 weeks and the Mother and Baby classes in September.

Marina Poulter – Pilates during Pregnancy
I found Mara’s knowledge of Pilates in pregnancy particularly reassuring and her explanation of pelvic floor exercise was very clear and easy to follow.

I would highly recommend this class to pregnant women who are looking for a class run by a qualified instructor that is both helpful for developing strength and control but is also relaxing and fun.

Helen, Weston – Post-Natal Pilates
Really enjoyed it. Pilates has done me the world of good. Walking helped me loose my baby weight and Pilates put every thing back how it was.


Lyd, Bath
I have just finished my second course of Pilates and it has helped me so much with my core stability control which is essential for me because I suffer from Joint Hypermobility Syndrome. This means I am in constant pain for one reason or another, be it muscle spasm or joint dislocation.

Mara’s classes have provided a regular time for exercise – which I have avoided more and more over the past years because of the pain it causes. The great thing about the classes is that they are a relaxed atmosphere and you have the freedom to choose for yourself which level you take each exercise to. Over the past two courses I have gradually built up my strength, albeit a small amount but every little bit helps and I have definitely noticed a change. Mara has also encouraged me to think about my core stability when doing everyday things, like my posture and also when lifting and reaching for things which people think nothing of.

I am still studying at school and I would like to encourage young people to join Pilates, I was nervous at my first session but the age gap – no matter how big or small – really didn’t matter and I felt totally at ease. It would be great to have more young people come along because if you start when you are young you’ll reap the benefits when you’re older.

Thanks Mara!


Val – Senior Citizen +++
I have definitely benefited from attending Mara’s classes; our ages and abilities don’t matter, as it isn’t at all competitive, and feels a “safe” environment – Mara is very supportive and keeps an eye on our working within our own “safe limits”…. We all work at our own chosen levels. I feel really stretched and invigorated after the session.


CBH, Bath
I am a 77 year old and Mara has been doing Pilates exercises with me for two years and keeping me mobile.

I look forward to each visit.  A very grateful client.

E Cocks
Since joining a Pilates class, I have learned how to breathe better – especially in difficult circumstances.

I have also learned how to hold a “core strength”, thus putting less pressure on my back and hips. A great help.

Mara – the teacher – is very good at explaining the moves and telling us how they are helping.

My very grateful thanks.