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Memorial Concert For Mara

Hello, this is Camilla, Mara Kirk-Reynolds’ daughter.

I would like to invite you to the memorial concert we are having for my Mother in Bath.

It will be ‪on Saturday 26th of January 2019‬ ‪at 2pm‬, in St. Swithen’s Church, ‪37 The Paragon, Bath, BA1 5LY‬.

Please do pass this invite onto anyone else you know. If you believe they may wish to attend as well, as I may not have their contact details.

Please RSVP (07727 077726) so we can get an idea for catering numbers.

Thank you and look forward to seeing you there!

Autumn News 2017 & Christmas

Welcome back to Pilates Autumn 2017!

Pilates has got off to a great start this Autumn with the Drop-In Class running on a Wednesday morning as usual from 9.30am – 10.30am at The New Oriel Hall in Larkhall.

It is always such a joy to see my regular clientele return after the break, some of whom have been with me for years and of course to welcome to all the new clients who have joined the class this Autumn …………. I must be getting something right!  There is a great mixture of ages and abilities and “populations” within the class, just what the class is designed to cater for.

As usual the class is running through Half Term.

Christmas holiday dates are up on the Timetable page………..but here they are as well:

The last class before the Christmas break will be Wednesday 13th December 2017

The first class after the Christmas break will be Wednesday 17th January 2018

Always remember to bring something to keep you warm, jumper or cardigan, during our famous and much loved “Relaxez-vous”.  In November the underfloor heating will be on, so we will all have nice toasty feet!

See you all in class!

Spring News 2017

New date for start of next Pilates lessons

Hello Lovely Clients!  Long time no hear!

The start of my next lot of classes will now have to be postponed to the Autumn.

In the meantime N.B.  I AM STILL CURRENTLY TAKING PRIVATE CLIENTS AT HOME ON A       1-TO-1 BASIS FOR FLOOR WORK.  This applies to all sorts of individuals: male, female, pre- and post-natal women with babies, and all ages and levels of ability and/or experience.  Please telephone or e-mail for an appointment.  My contact details are on the right hand side of this page.

I am hoping to restart the Wednesday morning Drop-In class in September or October 2017.

I wanted to let you know, and also to let you know that I miss you all madly and I hope you are managing to do some exercises at home.

If in doubt…………always practice your Pelvic Floor!   Go to MAX and then come down to Level 1 and hang on to it AND be able to breathe using your ribcage 🙂   Happy Days!

Very much looking forward to seeing you all before the year is out.  Have a great Spring and Summer and hope to see you all beautifully suntanned in the Autumn.


Dates for your Diary

Evening Classes:     Please note that dates for new evening courses will be posted here and on the Timetable page.  End dates are to be found on the Timetable Page.

Day Classes:     Please note that dates for the re-start of the Wednesday morning Drop In class will be posted here and on the Timetable page.

All Classes:     It is hoped that All Classes will resume as usual around May time 2017.  I look forward to seeing you then.

September Courses

Classes are scheduled to return in September at both the Green Park and Larkhall venues.

All classes are for one hour duration.

Everyone is welcome; any age, any fitness, both genders and pre- and post-natal women.

Times will be as they used to be:

Green Park – Beginners at 6pm / Inters at 7.10pm

Larkhall – Beginners at 6pm / Inters at 7.10pm / Beginners at 8.20pm

If you would like to be included in any courses starting in September please let me know as soon as possible.

Thank you 🙂

New Evening Courses and Holiday dates.

New Evening Courses

There will be new short Evening courses running for five weeks only, before the Summer break.

Start date of new courses at Larkhall – 29th June 2016

Finish date of new courses at Larkhall – 27th July 2016 inclusive


I am taking one week’s holiday in June.

This will mean there will be no classes on Wednesday 22nd June 2016

Day and Evening Classes will resume as normal on 29th June 2016

Drop-In Class will continue for as long as you would like it to.  If you come along I will teach 🙂

April 2016

I am returning to teaching Pilates at Larkhall, in the New Oriel Hall as from April 2016.

Evening classes will resume on Wednesday 13th April.

 Day classes will resume on Wednesday 20th April.

The Evening classes will be 10 week courses running until Wednesday June 15th inclusive.

The times of the evening classes have had to be put back by 10 minutes to accommodate changes at the hall. Timings will be as follows:

Beginners: 6.10pm – 7.10pm in the Small Hall (enter from the “Social Area” to the left of the entrance lobby)

Inters :        7.20pm – 8.20pm in the Main Hall (usual hall)

Beginners: 8.30pm – 9.30pm in the Main Hall (usual hall)

Times in September will revert to previous times of being 10 minutes earlier.

Thank you for your understanding.

The Day time Drop-In class will start on Wednesday 20th April at 9.30am in the Main Hall as usual.

Can hardly wait to see  you all again! 🙂  Mx