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Last night – The Christmas Party

​What a blast we had!!!

Thank you to all who came to the Not The Pilates Christmas Dinner last night. I enjoyed myself enormously and in the company of SUCH lovely people, how could I not? I managed to speak to all of you which was such a delight and you were all happy and smiling and enjoying yourselves too. You all looked lovely…… your clothes!!!!!

Certain people stand out from last night, there were two special people who won the raffle, congratulations to Leslie and Sue, and one very special person who took enjoying the glitz just one step further than the rest of us……….the lovely Leora who unfortunately managed to swallow one of the stars from the table! She has assured me today that she is fine. There was also of course the lovely Pamela who at 87 still does Pilates with me and took pride of place – let’s hope we are ALL still doing Pilates at that age!

Thank you for all your good wishes for tomorrow and what is to follow.

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