Pilates Classes in Bath – Class Details


LARKHALL – NEW ORIEL HALL: Brookleaze Buildings, Larkhall, Bath, BA1 6RA


No special clothing or equipment are necessary. Just bring yourself in comfortable clothes in which you can move. Most classes work in bare feet or socks. Individual mats are provided at all venues.  You are welcome to bring your own mat if you wish.


Taking part in a 10 week progressive course has proved itself to be the best and most effective way of learning Pilates whether at Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced Level. Each week one, two or more new moves are learnt, which are then consolidated in the following weeks.

Ideally, all clients will start at Lesson 1.  If this is not possible clients can join at Lesson 2.  However if you wish to join a group after that, you will need to have at least one private lesson with me, on a one-to-one basis before joining the class. This allows the group to progress without having to accommodate any newcomers who may not be familiar with the work already covered.

Some clients choose to remain in or repeat the Beginners class, others work towards joining the Intermediate level class.   Generally speaking, new clients do the Beginners course at least twice.

If you sign up for a 10 week course and you find that, on occasion, you cannot attend your usual class, you are welcome to attend another class, as long as this is within the duration of your 10 week course. This other class can be either at the same or another venue or on the same or another day. This way you can make up for your missed class, ensuring that you receive the ten lessons that you have paid for.


The cost of a 10 week course is £95. This is payable in full at lesson 1 of the course.  You can also pay via internet banking.  Please e-mail Mara for details.


This class is for men and women of all ages and all levels of ability. Come to this class whether you are a complete Beginner or have any amount of experience in Pilates. This class can accommodate you.

This is a class for those who feel that they cannot commit a regular time each week to Pilates, but who still wish to learn and benefit from the technique.

Generally speaking, this class does not go into as much detail or depth as the 10 Week Course programme and clients do not reach as high a level as they would if they joined one of the 10 Week Courses. Having said that, those of a high level can always work at their level within this Drop-In Class.

No Pilates class is ever competitive. Each move has various levels of ‘difficulty’ all of which are demonstrated to the class at every lesson. Clients work, within the class, at their own chosen level to suit their fitness level and ability.


The cost of the Drop-In class is £7.50 per class.


  • If you miss a class during your 10 week course, you can join another class to make up for that missed class.
  • Pregnant women are welcome in all classes
  • New and established clients are invited to contact me as soon as possible to reserve your place for the next course.


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